Why the South Florida Cancer Association?

The South Florida Cancer Association came about because of what was encountered by our Executive Director and other patients he came in contact with after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Obtaining information was a major issue whether it was about the cancer itself, or about what programs were available that could provide much needed assistance. Information about cancer is usually provided in language not easily understood by the average person. And while there are a lot of programs that can provide assistance, it often hard to find the ones you need that have the necessary resources and are willing to help. Language for many South Floridians is often a problem. According to the 2000 Census, 67% of Miami-Dade residents alone, are of Hispanic origins and a large number of these admit to limited understanding of the English language.

Many people diagnosed with cancer have questions about the treatment options recommended by their oncology healthcare providers. What exactly is being recommended, what will it do to the cancer, what side effects can I expect? Is there anything else I can do to increase the probability that my treatment will be successful? Are there programs that can help me with treatment or prescription costs? What programs are available that can provide me with the mental and emotional support I need?

There are many many programs that do provide answers and assistance to cancer patients. The problem is, how do you find the right one for you? That is what the South Florida Cancer Association is here for. The primary function of our organization is that of Patient Navigation. We have access to over 300 organizations that provide oncology or oncology-related services as well as programs that afford emotional and financial support should you need it. Should someone newly-diagnosed, undergoing treatment, be a survivor, or just have questions; we will do whatever we can to provide the help or information they need. As a patient navigator, we find the program or programs they answers their problems and then work with them to ensure they are taken care of. We charge nothing for what we do.

If you need help, we are here, and we will do whatever we can to get you through this.

The South Florida Cancer Association (SFLCA) is governed by a Board of Directors composed of members with a broad range of experience and expertise. The Board ensures that the SFLCA provides the community it serves with the necessary information and assistance to meet the organization’s objectives. The Board does this by formulating plans, defining goals and objectives, and evaluating the SFLCA’s success in achieving its mission.

The mission of the SFLCA is simple. If someone who lives within our South Florida community has a cancer-related question or problem we do what is necessary to see it addressed.

The Executive Director of the SFLCA, Eddie Dutton, manages all aspects of day-to-day operations and supervises all staff members. The administrators of each program report directly to him. He guides the organization to ensure that SFLCA is well-run, achieves the highest standards, plans for future, and meets or exceeds its goals.

Eddie is motivated by the fact that he is a cancer survivor himself and well understands the problems faced by patients and families forced to deal with cancer. He has a commitment to improve the lives of those living in our South Florida community with cancer-related questions and issues.
Structure and Leadership
Eddie Dutton - Executive Director of the South Florida Cancer Association
A Survivor's Tale
My name is Eddie Dutton. I am a cancer survivor. I have outlived all expectations and hope to do so for many more years.

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Sherry Joseph - President of the South Florida Cancer Association
Sherry's Story

My name is Sherry Joseph. During a self-examination, I discovered something that every woman fears to find. I am a single mom with 2 kids, 1 in college and 1 that recently graduated, and to be honest, I was as frightened for them as I was for myself.

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South Florida Cancer Association
About Cancer Awareness Ribbons
Cancer Awareness Ribbon in a place of prominence at the top of the page and as part of the address bar and page title. We adopted the Cancer Awareness Ribbon as representative of this organization because it has universal recognition the world round. Our mission includes fostering Cancer Awareness and for this we could have no better symbol than the Awareness Ribbon itself.

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South Florida Cancer Association's Reduced Rate Prescription Program
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